Mommy voice

Most people become a mommy only after they learned from their parents. But sometimes the truth about mommy life is as below

sometimes you need to drink alone at home but you can't because your kids are home



Assigning character to yourself as a Margarita Mama when you love to drink Margarita so much


 Sometimes you need to hear these words and want to tell the other mom also
"Good morning"
"You're beautiful"
"I love you"
"Nice butt"

After working days sometimes you need wine for weekend plans






After taking care your kids your dogs maybe you need to taking care yourself with wine






Mommy lifeWhat is the last time you brushed your hairs








Eat Whatever you wantWhen you're tired, it's hard to make it through the work day. You need to eat and don't want anyone interrupt you.







Maybe you've just never had good lasagnaHate when some people say
"if you think this is better than sex, you haven't had good sex!,"
like no, maybe you've just never had good lasagna






It's like kids can just smell us relaxing and sometimes husband'sWhen you just want stay in bed but it's like kids can just smell you are relaxing







 The best things in lifethe best things in mommy life either make you fat, drunk or pregnant







 We want to be adults so badyou learn a lot about mommy life






Don't worry about what I'm doingDon't worry about what I'm doing

 In memory of when I could sleep inDo you remember when you could sleep in








And sometimes mommy need to watch Game of Thrones also.

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