Measuring Oil Control Bottle
Measuring Oil Control Bottle

Measuring Oil Control Bottle

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Ordinary bottles do not come with a measuring cup, so you have to wipe wasted precious oil from a countertop or stove.

No Drip™ is a dispenser made of high-quality glass and food-grade ABS that is designed with a measuring cup at the top so you can dispense the exact amount of cooking oil, olive oil, vinegar, or soy sauce with just a press of a button, before pouring!

With the Multi-function Oil Dispenser, you can accurately measure the oil or other condiments that go into your food. In addition to the storage of olive oils, other uses for No Drip™ include the storage of flavored oils, vinegar, vegetable oils, and fluids that are readily available and convenient for use if kept on the counter at room temperatures.

Product Features:

 17-ounce cooking oil dispenser for kitchen with teaspoon, tablespoon, and milliliter marks on pourer top Product Features
 Squeeze silicone button pump to emulsify, with pre-portioned liquid and controlled metal spout
 Anti-spill technology that keeps your cooking station clean
 The glass base is dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble; hand wash pump and leak-proof top tip with water and soap

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