Tummy Time - Water Mat
Tummy Time - Water Mat
Tummy Time - Water Mat
Tummy Time - Water Mat

Tummy Time - Water Mat

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Tummy time is a necessary activity in order to ensure your little one grows strong and stays healthy. However, as parents, we all know how difficult tummy time can be for our babies. And it can be heart-wrenching to see them struggle to deal with the stress they're under!

This aquarium-themed BabyGarden™ Mat makes tummy time way easier and more enjoyable - for both the baby and the parents!

  • Encourages Healthy Development - tummy time helps babies develop crucial muscle that helps them control & their stabilize their bodies, and will help them turn from their belly to their back
  • Reduces Baby's Stress - most parents resort to placing their baby on the floor or a play mat. Placing the baby on this water mat will help them deal with the stress of tummy time by letting them play with the water and floating toys
  • Supreme Quality & 100% Leak Proof - created with 100% BPA-free durable PVC material. It's super easy to fill, empty, store, and clean. (simply add a drop of vinegar every couple of weeks to keep the water inside clear)

"Our 3-month old struggled with tummy time, and it was tough to watch her get so upset trying to roll over. This mat has completely changed that. She LOVES the feeling of being on top of the water and playing around with the fishies. She can go for 15-20 min at a time now, what a huge difference this has made!"

Babies will have an entirely new world to explore and will be delighted by the sensation of floating on water. It will help them engage their developing neck, arm, back, and core muscles which helps keep them safe.

  • Neck - Strengthens neck muscles, improves head control
  • Head - prevents flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly)
  • Brain - provides sensory stimulation & cognitive development
  • Hands - formation of hand arches for fine motor skills
  • Arms - strengthens arms for reaching and crawling
  • Hips - stretches/develops hip muscles
  • Legs - helps develops muscles for crawling
  • Back - posture strength, back strength, skeletal alignment 

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